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Custom Parameters or Copies in Zone Schedule.

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Hey All,

I have been trying to figure out if it is possible to use Zones to calculate some basic schematic common space requirements such as bike spaces, trash, recycling, etc, per unit or unit area.

I realized that the 'price per m2' and 'price calculated from measured area' could be added as 'object parameters' and adjusted to calculate figures, but am not sure if it is possible to duplicate this function, rename it in either the scheme setting or schedule output, and use it in multiple instances. Is this possible?

I've searched for info on this over the internet and GDL ref guide and sort of figured out how to edit a copy of the Zone stamp in the GDL editor (is it called that?) and make a new copy of the parameter aforementioned parameter function with a new name, but have been unable to get it to work. (Perhaps it needs a separate number to refer to in order to calculate a figure?)

I imagine that I might need to possibly copy and re-program a script or code somewhere, but this is where my knowledge on the topic runs out.

Any suggestions? I'd love to learn how and more on this specifically, but have had problems finding any relevant information on editing Zones, and the GDL guide seems to focus on 2d and 3d objects.

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