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Door Handles

How can I make the door handles on a double leaf door, appear on both leafs?

I've got a double leaf door (D2 15 from archicad 15 library), and have selected a door handle. It only shows on one door leaf and i need it to show on both.

I've been looking through the parameter settings and can't find anything to select to show the handle on both leafs.

Also there really needs to be a panic bar on the int library.

If it is anything like the USA door, the handles are applied individually to each side of each leaf.
Dwight Atkinson

It's the International library, no such options unfortunately.

I'll keep looking and googling for answers. Thanks anyway.

OK, found the D2 Storefront 1 15 door in the building structures folder in the archicad 15 library, It also has a panic bar like the USA library.

seems to be similar to the USA library doors, but without the usual INT parameters that i'm used too.

Why can't this be done for the INT library doors?

Gonna have to go through my model and change all the double leaf doors.

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I found a solution for the two handle door thing. You gotta go to the Door Selection Settings, then below Preview and Positioning, ''Hinged Door Settings'' or whatever your door is called, so you go to the Opening Type and Angle, and in Opening Type (for two handle) is: Double Egress, and click ok. So now your door has two handle, both sides of the door, interior and exterior.
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Trouble is the doors show in plan view like this
It is crazy that we cannot have handles on both doors

Rogerdodge wrote:
It is crazy that we cannot have handles on both doors
Also Italian library has not such option to show different handls on each side of the leaf.

Please update the doors' library part as soon as possible.
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