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GDL code for line thickness (NOT pen number)

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Does anyone know the GDL code for current lineweight (I mean, if I adapt the object "Pens and Colours 15" to show instead of the RGB, a text reading of 0.35 or 0.18 as a lineweight of that particular pen, what is the code meaning 'lineweight'.? Thanks (sorry if a dumb question - hardly ventured into GDL much).


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In this case, I'm not sure what your point is.  Kim's original desire was to retrieve the pen weight value for a pen within a GDL object.  The 10-year old object by Mark Beauman that you share via your link does not display the numeric line weight.  It only displays the color RBG numbers, the color, and then a line drawn with that pen to illustrate the width.  As far as I can tell anyway, loading it into AC 25.


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