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Graphical editing and arrays

I would like to script an object that spreads out small sub parts inside of it first based on number or set distance and then I would like to edit (with hotspots) the position of each of those elements. The problem is that as far as I got the initial spread distance/ position would have to be calculated and set as an array in the script, but how do I let AC know to let go of those initial positions and let me adjust them with the hotspots. Furthermore, how do I keep those newly set custom positions, even if I adjust the overall width for example (A)?

Please help!


Ben Cohen
Why dont you add "Offset X and Y parameters". The hotspots can then be positioned in the same manner as the sub-parts with the parameters set to 0,0. Then when you need to move the sub-part from its calculated position the offset parameters changes.. make sense?
Ben Cohen
Mac and PC
Archicad (Latest Version) aus
thanks, Ben, that's a great idea! I'll try it.
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I missed this old thread.

Adam, may be you will be interested with Oleg Schmidt's solution, discussed some years ago.
Just in case, attached, a resume of Oleg's tip.
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