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How to make two different finishes from the complex profile wall wrap the window or door side faces?

Isaac Newton

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There are some windows and doors in the complex profile wall. The wall cosists of the masonry blocks core and stucco and the brickwork tiles:



The objective is to make the two different types of finish from the wall wrap the side faces of the windows and doors, as shown on the following picture:


How may this objective be achieved?


What I mean, is that you can basically call the default windows into your own host object and as long as they do not add or change the parameters, it will automatically update for each object as they do not change the macro names. You would have to duplicate it for each element that you wish to have different name in your schedule, but that is pretty easy in the grand scheme of things.





@Hmooslechner is that just done via you extruding a user defined profile, or is there someway to pull that from the host wall?





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i have done that - the profile is taken from the wall-parameters directly

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