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Libraries & objects
About Archicad and BIMcloud libraries, their management and migration, objects and other library parts, etc.

All favorite library parts are missing



Is there a way to get the path to where the favorites are stored on the server?


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Barry Kelly

Favourites are stored in the file.

They can be exported to a server and then imported into any other file, or you can import them directly from any other file.


But that is not your problem.

You are missing library objects.

Look at your Library Manager to see if you are missing any libraries.


If the object has not been placed then there is no problem.

You will see a black dot in your model if it has been used and in the Library Manager it will list as a missing object.

The favourite will show the question mark and you simply won't be able to use it.


As these seem to be doors, I would suspect the favourites are possibly looking for the INT library and you have the USA library loaded (or the other way around).

Doors and windows in those libraries are not the same (not interchangeable).


So you may need to load the INT or USA library - whichever one you do not have loaded already.


Or if you do not have missing objects in your model, you can delete those favourites or edit them to look for the objects in you loaded library.

Basically telling the favourite not to look for the INT object, but look for the USA object.


You can delete all of the favourites and then import the correct ones from the INT or USA template file - depending on which library you are using.







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Eduardo Rolon

Same items that were discussed here still apply. You were missing Favorites then too

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