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Import Export of Window and Door Marker

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I am wondering if it is possible to import or export Window and Door marker? Because i am using AC15 Int and an affiliate uses AC Norwegian and therefore there files contain Door and Window marker which i wanted to import into my own file (int version). For instance in the Window setting, under Dimension Marker option there is an option to "Load Other Window marker" but I have no idea where and how to find that marker.
So I am thinking of exporting the Window Marker from the AC Norge .pla file (although I have no idea how) so that i can import or Load it into my AC Int file.

Is that possible?

What could be its file extension?

I hope someone could help me.

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Do in this way:
1. Open the .pla file with a NOR objects
2. Select " Extract Elements to a Folder" option
3. Make a new folder of your choice when asked to do it
4. All libraries in the .pla file are extracted there
5. Open that folder and search for the sub-folder.....\ArchiCAD Library 15\ArchiCAD Library 15.lcf\Object Library 15\3. MACROS 15\Marker Macros 15\

Rename the "Marker Macros 15" folder to "Marker Macros 15_NOR". Inside it you will find the NOR D/W Marker objects. Add a NOR to the object names (rename "gs_DW_Marker.gsm" to "gs_DW_Marker_NOR.gsm" and so on).

Now you can add that NOR Marker objects to your .pln file, using "Load Other Window marker" command!
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thanks bro. it is great. i will try this one now. brb.
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thanks andro55, but it didn't work with me. my folders are quite different than you've told me though i was able to find the macro file that way (in a different folder names and path). copying it through library manager didnt work for me. what i did simply is opening the .pla NOR file and then copy the wall with the window containing the NOR marker by the use of CTRL+C from .pla and then CTRL+V into my .pln. and there i have it. hehehehe

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