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Inset Cabinet Doors

This question has been solved in AC25
Dalius Regelskis
AC user since version 6.0

Well, professor Regelskis,

It is possible to write not really complicated GDL script for inset door and use it as a custom door. The easiest way. When you are using custom cabinet door, ArchiCAD reads A and B parameter for door size and stretching the door to fit cabinet size. That means you need to define size of door in script as A-thicknessPanel*2 and B-thicknessPanel*2. You also need to shift X, Y and Z for thicknessPanel.
Don't forget, that custom door must lay flat, not stand.
Can you manage, or need my help with actual script?

Alexey Podolsky,
ArchiCAD teacher of professor Regelskis

Barry Kelly
Dalius wrote:
This topic solved in AC25
Is this a question - has it been solved?
Or a statement - it has been solved.

By 'inset' doors, do you mean doors that sit inside the cabinet carcass (frame), or just a door with an inset panel that still sits in front of the cabinet carcass?


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@Barry the original question was being edited. Sadly by deleting the old message, not by appending. This is now a statement
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