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Is there a "Smart" beam object? (includes engineering calcs)

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Just curious as to whether or not something like this exists. The user would place the beam and within it's properties set values for the parameters shown. The script would do the math and determine if the beam is adequate. If not then it gives the user some sort of warning.

I envision a combination of BIM and a Strucalc video I recently watched (Link below).

After the project is complete, schedules could be used to pass along the engineering info.

I suggested a built up wood beam because that is primarily what I design with. Maybe a myriad of beams could be developed and used with macro calls.

Any thoughts?


Smart Wood Beam Object.JPG
If the equations are know this would be relatively easy.. I think.
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I agree in as much as the math and basic object shouldn't be a huge task SD. I will say though that the editable hot spot script still baffles me. I can copy and paste it from one script to another and make it work but I'll be damned if I can figure out how the script works!

I think that the hardest part would be to tie the load path together. Strucalc's Load Tracker starts at the ridge and it's reactions can be tied to it's supports. The supports to beams below and so on until it reaches the earth. It would be nice to build a house with BIM and be able to track loads and determine if a member is adequate as you go along.

Someone must be working on this somewhere!


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