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Levels Horizontal Lines

Hello everyone - Please see attached,

Looking forward for comments and thoughts.

Thank you.

Level Horizontal Lines.png
The way these things work had irked me for years, a bit over a year ago I gave up on them and made a label that links to elements in the drawing or displays its own elevation if unlinked. The idea being that you link it to the floor slab or roof (can only display pitching point though, or more specifically the height of the pivot line) and it would read the ID for the story name.

I like my solution because you can have split levels easily and control the lengths and positions independently, and they move with the actual height of the slab/roof, and can rename all instances by renaming the slab/roof.

Only downside is you have to place them manually on each elevation and if the slab/roof is deleted it takes them all with it.

As far as I know the scripting for this level lines is locked away from basic users like us so a hotspot to control that probably won't be possible (though someone might correct me on that).
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