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Overlay 2D View over e.g. Air Diffuser object

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hi all,

we are struggling creating object according to our needs. A big step forwards would to have an easy way to "overwrite" the 2D view of an standard Archicad object like the Air Diffuser.

Any idea how to "enrich" such standard objects?

thanks for any hint!


add a boolean option for your 2d version and then use an if statement to have your 2d displayed if true, then code your 2d inside the if statement

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hi SenecaDesignLLC,
hi all,

thx for the hint. I am affraid that that way would consume way too much time, when it comes to objects like this Radiographic Unit (image 1) … and we have a lot of such objects (~700)!

Our optimal workflow would be:
- Purchase 3D Model from online libraries or remodel object by our own.
- Select 3D Model
- Edit -> Libraries and Objects -> Save Selection as -> Object.
- Do the saving …
- Edit -> Libraries and Objects -> Open Object
- Manual adapt the 2D View (image 2) so its readable in the floorplan – and that’s the problem. AC does not let me do that.

Any idea how to get to get to the result? If I have to change the workflow also ok 😉

We just need a way to get 3D Models with customized 2D views together without the need to code. Because it takes much much too long and the process must be doable for more colleagues so they can do their project embedded objects by their own.

I become a bit worried that that issue becomes a show-stopper in our AC implementation. You know of external tools or addons that can help us maybe?

Again thanks for any hint and/or suggestion!


You could cut & paste the existing 2D image from the floor plan as a FRAGMENT in the GDL object. You could then edit the code to show only the FRAGMENT or merge the two if that is what you need.

Look up Fragment2 in the GDL guide.
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hi all,

thanks for the help. We found a way to get the result we need - at least for the standard objects. After creation of the object we delete the 2D script and copy paste a prepared 2D Geometry in 2D Symbol - done.
That seems not to work with light or other generic subtypes - they don't show up in the plan - but its a step forward for the big number 😉

thanks again


You could also comment out the 2D script (add an exclamation mark in front of each line by selecting all and clicking button at the top of the 2D scripting window) Then add the following to get a 2D view of the 3D object:
PROJECT2 3, 270, 2
Copy this resulting 2D view into the 2D Symbol window. Then add the boolean option suggested by SenecaDesignLLC. That way you will have both the standard 2D as well as you more detailed version. You can also alter the detailed 2D and needed in the 2D symbol window. This is a very quick process (although not for ~700 objects) but do them as needed.

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