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Removing "Incompatibly Migrated" Library Objects

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As we migrated our working template from AC21 to AC22, the attached library error came up when the program opened.

Is there a way to remove--or better yet, successfully migrate the "Built-In Post" object into the template to avoid this library error in the future? My only thought was to delete the offending object from the old AC21 template so that it doesn't migrate in the first place, but it seems to be an actually built-in object that I can't access through the Library Manager.


Thanks much!

David Maudlin

I don't know why the Built-In Post is not migrating correctly. The Built-In Post is a Railing element. Based on your screen shot, it looks like it is part of a Favorite, so I would go through your Railing Favorites, locate the ones that use the Built-In Post, and see if changing it to a different post, than back to the Built-In Post fixes the error message (so the program uses the 22 version).

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I had the same issue with a bunch of the default curtain wall favourites... You would think that the defaults would be the things least likely to return an error...

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Daniel Kovacs
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The migration shouldn't end-up in errors like this, if something is not compatible with the new version they are replaced from the migration libraries. Could you send me the AC21 version of the template so that I can migrate it and see what the problem might be?

Thanks, Daniel
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Did this issue ever get solved because I am having the same problem here. 

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