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Request Story Name of Door

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I am trying to get the story height of a door in a custom door marker. Is this possible? So far - the output of the Requests make no sense to me.

I am a GDL newbie, and I have tried all manner of REQUESTS listed here:

Hopefully this is clear, let me know if there is more explanation required. Thanks!

Matt Balaam
Do you want story name or story height?

To get the story name use the following:
success = request("Home_story_of_opening", "", _index, _story_name)

text2 0, 0, _story_name
To get the story height you can use GLOB_HSTORY_HEIGHT:
Or (a better way) is to add this line after the "Home_story_of_opening" request shown above:
success = request("Story_info", _index, _nStories, _index, _name, _elevation, _height)

text2 0, 0, _height
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Awesome, thank you Matt!

I was doing:

success = request("Story_info", _index, _nStories, _index, _name, _elevation, _height)

text2 0, 0, success

Now it works like a charm!

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