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Section Indicators



 How do i add section indicators to my floor plan 




How do i also add those 1,2,3 labels to the floor plan 


Where can i find the doors and windows tag



Archicad 26 educational license 


Barry Kelly

Section markers are placed with the section tool.

You will have options in the section settings as to how you want the marker to look.


Labels are added with the label tool.

I assume they would be just an 'autotext label' that allows you to type what ever you want to see.


Door and window tags (markers) can be set in the door/window settings.

You will have different markers to what I show here.




The visibility of the marker is controlled in the Model View Options.

Note, this image is version 22 but very similar in 25 & 26.









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Thanks. Where is the section tool located?

I think you need to browse some YouTube videos and or read the help info that explains each tool on graphisofts website.

These basic questions are okay but could be easily figured out faster with minimal searching 

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