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Set default surfaces/settings for all doors and windows?


Trying to fix our office template which has been messed about with a bit - currently have the issue that default settings for surfaces are 'missing' which means everything is black. This is the case with loads of things - objects/doors/windows.


Is there a way to set the default for all things to something like white? I don't want to just create favourites, I mean updating the default settings for all doors etc. to be one colour.


Additionally is there a way to set defaults such as no door linings, or no fills on plan etc.? 

Screenshot 2023-06-12 at 09.52.39.jpg

You could try replacing the missing surface in your Attributes. I don't think this is as simple as just reloading a surface, you need to assign it to the missing surface index number.


Similar GS objects like doors etc can be selected in 3D e.g. show all walls in 3D, pick the door tool, hit Cmd or Ctrl-A to select all visible doors, hit Cmd or Ctrl-T to open Door Settings and assign new surfaces to replace default.


When you pick a different object from the Library, the Parameters for that object will reset to their original saved default (OOTB settings) these can't be easily changed without a lot of work.


You can use GOs to override surfaces, but these need to be assigned to your View Settings and as far as I am aware at this point any glass will also be overridden. Depending on your output requirements this may or may not be a problem.


GO's can be used to control the display of Fills.


You may want to look at the MVO > Door & Window settings to see if the level of detail can be set to meet your requirements. Again you should assign an appropriate MVO to you View Settings for what you want to see displayed. 

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