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Tags & Labelling Option not available


Hi There,


My work computer allows me to display the door size and has the tags & labelling option available in the hinged door settings for archicad 26, but when i load the same job with archicad 26 to my home computer the option disappears which means my plans dont display door sizes? im sure im missing something obvious here




Check your libraries? Might be a custom object that you do not have loaded on your home computer.

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I would also suggest you check your Model View Options. We have had issues with a Model View Option set getting "unlinked" from a drawing or view - it shows up as "Missing" in the view settings, usually when MVO's have been changed by another user in a teamwork file. You would just need to go into the view settings and reselect the missing MVO. Might not be your issue, but worth checking.

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