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Tree Evergreen 12

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Do you guys know where i can change the materials for the evergreen tree ArchiCAD gives you?
I see you can pick from Leaf1-4, and Bark 1-4
But I don't know where Leaf 1-4 and Bark1-4 originate from, and I would like to make my own evergreen material for these.

That's a good one.

The materials are defined in the object's Master script.

I think that they call images contained in the LCF. I have plenty of Leaf1-12 laying around so they must be from when Archicad files export to Artlantis.....

It is sad because all of those leaf files appear to be deciduous.

You might try this:

Save the evergreen with a new name for editing purposes.
Enter the Master Script and substitute the name of the new texture file for the current texture.

Subvert Leafs4, say.

DEFINE MATERIAL "leafs4" 20,
0.0527962, 0.348867, 0.122103,
0.6, 0.95, 0, 0, 0, 0,
1, 1, 1,
0, 0, 0,
0, -1, -1,
IND(TEXTURE, "Texture8")

The "Texture 8" is where you put in the new file name. It should call that image when you specify Leafs4 in the material selector.
Dwight Atkinson

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