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UV map problem when import fbx/dae to ArchiCAD



I am having problems with UV map when importing some objects in dae/fbx format into ArchiCAD. Most of the time everything works fine, however in some cases the UV map of the object outside of ArchiCAD (specifically Blender) and in ArchiCAD are different. Many small surfaces are randomly displaced in ArchiCAD's UV map and as a result the imported objects have quite poor quality, even though all other software they work fine (I tried 3dsMAX, Blender, Unreal Engine,... and only ArchiCAD (both 26/27 version) encountered errors.
Does anyone encounter this error like me? And does anyone know how to fix them? Please help :<
*I have attached sample files and images below. If you need any additional files, please let me know.












One reason I can think of is that in GDL, vertex primitives can only be assigned a single texture coordinate. As a result, if you have any discontinuous UVs in blender, you will have artefacts in Archicad. I think the only way around it is to separate (unweld) any faces with discontinuous UVs. However the downside will be that your model won't be a nice solid anymore.
see note under 3D script:

"Please note, that you can assign only one texture vertex for a model vertex. It is not possible to assign the texture vertices on a per polygon basis. It is sometimes an advantage and sometimes a disadvantage."