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'W Fixed 16' Window glitch

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This would appear to be a rather esoteric issue, but maybe not if someone is trying (like me) to create a very simple kind of window appearance. I usually try to use the 'W Fixed' window library part to accomplish this. The issue is that when the sash frame thickness is set to be flush with the window frame thickness or larger, rebate width is set to 0, the jamb frames disappear (see attachment). But only within certain parameters! For example, with a 2" width frame this happens to windows widths between 3'-7" and 6'-11". If the frame thickness is increased these limits change. This would be appear to be some botched GDL.

A similar glitch appears to happen with the 'W Fixed 15' library part although the result is slightly different. I didn't try this on other window types.

W Fixed 16.png

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