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Window / Door Rolling Sunshade

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I am trying to place a rolling sunshade at a window.

I am working at an old stone house and want to place the sunshade box on top of the window.
1. on facade option doesn't work for me as i want the roller inside the wall thickness.
2. to wall option doesn't work either because the roller box gets in front of my window
3. behind facade looks similar to what in need, but the difference is that i want the box to be visible.

I attach the option no2 and shutters similar to what i need.
My problem is not the level of detail but the placement of the sunshade.
Daniel Kovacs
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni

Yeah, it is unfortunate that this is not possible. If I understand it right, you would want the rolling shade to be part of the frame, and to roll off in the plane of the outside of the wall.

I couldn't achieve that specifically either, but I think I got pretty close. I just made the top frame higher to accommodate for the size of the shade, and set the shade to "to window". I think everything is in the right position like this, only it is not rolling down in the right direction.

I hope this will help. Alternatively you might find an object that can do this on a manufacturer's website or an object depository (like

Daniel Alexander Kovacs

Professional Services Consultant


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Rather than making the top frame bigger, why not make it smaller, then set a wallhole oversize that the shutter box fits inside of?


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