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Window Stool and Casing Offset Issues


Hi All,


We have a detail that we use a lot that I'd like to be able to model in Archicad, options for the windows won't seem to let me (at least as far as I can tell).  The detail is essentially to have the interior finish (GWB) butt into the extension jamb (no trim), which sits proud of the interior finish face by 5/4 or so.  See attached pic.


I'm frustrated by the lack of control on the offset of both the extension jambs and the window stool.  I've figured out a way to fake things on all sides except the bottom by having the interior window trim match exactly the thickness of the extension jamb with zero offset, but I can't use an R.O. or it won't look correct in the model.


Also, there is currently no way to offset the height of the stool from the window frame, which is bizarre, again, unless I'm just missing it.  It almost works if I turn the stool off except when I do, the bottom frame has a strange leg on it that doesn't seem to have any controls either.  See attached pic.


If anyone uses a similar detail and has any advice it would be much appreciated!  My next step will likely be just to turn off interior casing and make the extension jambs out of slabs or beams/columns.  Thanks for reading!

Window Frame Weirdness.jpg


Desired Extension Jamb Sketch.jpg


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