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missing texture, how to locate?

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I want to eliminate the last annoying library loading error from our template.

A texture is reported as missing - however none of the loaded materials call for this texture, so I'm stumped.

How can I locate the offending material or object calling for the missing texture?

PS - a colleague of mine helpfully suggested just loading up the texture into our standard library. I would do that, but this texture was a custom job for a project last year - the name is bad, etc. I'd rather get things perfectly clean if I can. If that proves not possible, then I'll take his suggestion!

Thanks for any help you can provide!

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Check that none of the tools has as default a material using that texture.
The library manager reports them too if textures are missing.

By unloading all the libraries you can check if it is a object issue.

Hope this helps.


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None of tool defaults have this texture.

None of the loaded defined materials have this texture.

Yet when starting the project, Library Manager still reports it as missing.

Unloading the libraries didn't seem to help - I just get a long list of many objects missing. Can you clarify how this will help locate an offending object?

I must be overlooking something obvious, here.

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Graphisoft Partner
This was discussed recently here.


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Ha! Link, thanks. I wish the search function here was better - believe me I tried.

So the fix (according to your link, Link ) is the usual routine: delete everything and re-install via Attribute Manager.

Since this is a template - not hard to do.

But still! Bleah!

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