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rotating a shutter

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This is probably laughable to the GDL gurus around here, but I want to make the standard archicad louvered Shutter rotate, in order to create a shutter awning, so popular in these parts (gulf coast). Anybody have any ideas or and in addition to, I am interested in an Italian shutter, with bottom portions that tilt out.

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and this italian style one as well. Does anybody have one?
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This is the shutter from AC 9

!**************************** FRAMES ***********************

!******************** all styles except style 4

ROTX ang1 ! Here we change 90 to ang1
ADDZ -fd/2


Comment the entire 2D script and type in

PROJECT2 3,270,2

You then need to add the line to the library part window.
That is the easiest way if all you are looking for is a quick representation.
Library Window.png
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thanks guys, and especially erika for helping me offline. This coding stuff will help me in the long run, though and others too. Thanks to all!

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