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wall openings

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Hi all,

I need some help to properly create this louvred window (attached). the problem is it makes an opening in the associated wall the shape of the window's bounding box which is no good as the window has a raking sill and head (but the jambs are vertical) to match a ramp its under.

I don't know enough about the 3d scripting side of things, so if someone can either tell me what book to read to find out, or which line to tinker with, I'd be very appreciative,

David Maudlin

I cannot quite follow the problem. Is this a window part you created, or one in the ArchiCAD Library you want to alter? Or is this an object placed in an opening that does not fit? Try posting some more images, particularly an elevation with notes on what you are trying to accomplish.

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The slab that creates the hole in the wall, with the ID WALLHOLE, has to be the same shape as the window frame, whatever that shape is. If you do not have a slab shaped as the frame with the ID WALLHOLE engulfing the whole window, then what you are showing happens.

The default louvered window is only rectangular.

See the Window making part of the Reference manual, and search for WALLHOLE on the Talk, you will find the explanations!


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1.Make a slab that defines the rough opening shape of the window object, located in the same place in plan.
2.Select the slab and right click>object selection settings.
3.Under the Listing and Labeling tab, change its ID to 'Wallhole,' then save it with the rest of the window object.
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Hi again,

Thanks for that, it was the missing "wallhole" object that was the problem. Thank you all for your curt replies and friendly advice,


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