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Education computer lab deployment


Hi , using MS endpoint config manager (SCCM) any option to deploy Education licensed version of Archicad 26 with serial and user ID already injected into EXE file ? 

Or to write to a license file once installed? 


Hello, I'm not quite sure about SCCM, but technically, you can run a silent deployment of Archicad with EDU license added during the process. Here is the guide.

Then you can make a batch script from the parameters above and create an executable for deploying via SCCM?

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Wow! thank you! that's exactly what i needed , much appreciated.

Hi MinhNguyen ....Jumped the gun a bit , i've run the command:

Archicad-26-NZE-3001-1.0.exe --mode unattended --eduSerialNumber XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX --eduUserID "XXXXX XXXXX XXXXXX School" --enableautomaticupdate 1


Installs fine ,but when starting up after selecting new project ,still comes up with ativate Archicad , entering the userid and serial manually in trial/education does activate the license. any install logs to check etc... ? 


Hello, I believe the correct format should be:


Archicad-26-NZE-3001-1.0.exe --mode unattended --eduSerialNumber XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX --eduUserID XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXSchool --enableautomaticupdate 1


Notice there should be no gap for eduSerialNumber.

I'm not quite sure about eduUserID though, I thought it should be some sort of email? Maybe you will need to try a few times to get the correct format. Maybe just drop the quotation mark (") and try again?

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Hi Minh! Removing the dashes from serial did the trick , looks like the userID can be anything as long as it is in quotes , thanks for the quick help!

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