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I want to download ArchiCAD 24 instead of ArchiCAD 26


Hi! I just got my educational license and I want to directly download the ArchiCAD 25 or 24 version so as to be able to collaborate with the rest of my teammates (they all have ArchiCAD 24). Does anyone know if this is possible?


@Eduardo Rolon wrote:

FWI, you cannot use EDU versions with commercial ones it will switch the project to EDU.

@lola24000 ...and to clarify further:  once a project become EDU (by being saved by anyone with an EDU license), it cannot be used with the commercial license any longer.... any commercial license will always open the file with EDU restrictions from then on.


If the people at the commercial firm are actually interns/students and not working with you on a commercial project, but rather on a school project (the intent of EDU licenses), then they should download their own EDU copies.  You can have multiple versions of Archicad on the same computer.  They could then work with you on the school project (presumably with 26 EDU) and still work at their firm with their 24 professional license on the firm's projects.


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