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Removing Emergency License


Is there a way to remove an emergency license before its expiration date?

I had to use one due to a hardware update at our firm, but now it's back up and I'm attempting to open the Python Palette which is an SSA feature and I can't, due to the fact emergency licenses don't include SSA features.


Will I have to reinstall Archicad in order to remove it? Really couldn't find a way of doing so...


Thanks in advance.

Architect / BIM Manager at Ideia1 -
Archicad 26 / Windows 10 64

Barry Kelly

This is a total guess because I have never had to activate an emergency license.

But if you go to the HELP menu > License Information ....

Does it now allow you to deactivate the license?




Or can you do anything in the License Manager tool?


I would have thought once re-establishing your regular license, the emergency license would be stopped - but I may be wrong.


If not, try contacting your local Archicad support team.



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@Barry Kelly thanks for your response! There isn't such an option. I ended up using AC from another computer until my emergency license had expired.

Architect / BIM Manager at Ideia1 -
Archicad 26 / Windows 10 64

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