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serial number

Matej Bech

Is it a problem that my first year edu version was the Czech version and this year's version is international? The serial number from this year's version seems to be invalid.

Thank you for your replies.





Hi Matej,

As I see in the screenshot you haven't checked the Button "Set as Preferred Language" for the INT Version. When you check this the INT Version moves on Top and should be valid.

AC16 -> AC aktuell
WIN 10

Matej Bech

I have done as you said, but it does not help. What should I do next?



Hmm, I thought even the EDU license is version-specific?

I think the OP should activate it on an Archicad 25 INT instead.

If they wish to use the CZE version, they need to change the language to Czech and renew the license <- this part I'm not quite sure, better reach out to the local support

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