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Hey all, I have found an issue in my workflow using the railing tool.


Is it any way to change all the rails material in a group, or do I have to change them one by one even if a have a screen with more than 20 rails?


i will appreciated if someone could help with that

Barry Kelly

Just as a clarification.

A 'rail' is one of possibly many horizontal components in a 'railing'.

A 'railing' is a unit comprised of posts, handrails, rails, rail ends, balusters and panels as well as fixings.


In the rail settings dialogue, yes, you have to set each rail separately.

Post, balusters and panels can all be changed at once.

However, if you view your railing in 3D, and go into EDIT mode, you can select all of the railings together by adding them to your selection set and edit them in one go.


If you mean can you edit a railing so the posts, rails, handrails, etc., are all the same material, then no.

Each element has its own settings and must be done separately.


If you have 20 railings units, then you can select all 20 in plan or 3D, and then change the material for the elements within.

But again, you have to change the rails separately.

You can only go into 'EDIT' mode with one railing at a time , so it is not possible to edit all rails in all railings at the same time.

You can however copy (pipette) the settings of one railing you have correctly set up and apply (syringe) those settings into the other railing units - it will not affect the geometry of the railing baseline (position), but it will affect all other aspects of height and configuration.

So if all 20 railings are supposed to look the same, copy/inject settings is probably the quickest way to make them all the same.


Sorry for the lengthy explanation.

Just trying to cover all bases, as it wasn't very clear on exactly what you were trying to change.

I probably should have just asked exactly what you are trying to do.



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This is a very frustrating one as I would expect there to be an option to override all elements within the RAILING with one setting like we can with objects and other tools.


This is how I have my template set up in case this helps others to ease the pain. Note that this only works if you want to change your railing to a single surface. Multiple surfaces will still require manual input.


- make a BUILDING MATERIAL named "Balustrade" of whatever suits you

- assign that BUILDING MATERIAL to all your railing elements as you create them

- do NOT override any of the SURFACES

- change the assigned SURFACE of the "Balustrade" BUILDING MATERIAL to change all of your railings

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You can edit the whole rail by using Element ID or a defined property, and then using that defined ID or Property as a graphic Override, that assigns a single material.


Its not an ideal setup but it does appear to work decently.

AC24 / AC26

Hi all above, I am having the same issue in AC26 of finding the surface materials of the railing components in order to change them. Yes it definitely needs to be simplified probably with a 3DGO for the frame and another for the panel or just have all components editable in the same location in the dialogue box.

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