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Can't see wall above



This I'm guessing is a common problem,

But - I've changed the home storey of a wall, by creating a lower level (NGL) and setting ext walls that.

But I can't see the walls on FL level?


I've changed the "Floor Plan cut Plan Settings" to 1 level above, but it doesn't help. 


If I change the wall home storey back to FL I can see the walls again (Please see attached - I've highlighted the wall so you know it's there).


Have you tried changing the view options of the wall to be symbolic cut or projected or projected with overhead to see what affect that has?

Lee Hankins
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Mahmoud Qenawi

Hi @cadsph@Lee Hankins, I see you should set the wall linked to NGL FL from below and Roof FL from above while setting show on floor plan to All relevant stories & keeping Home story to FL.

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Thanks for your post. 

No It's makes no difference, I can't select Symbolic Cut - it's whited out. 

Yes. That works.

But, I should be able to see a wall linked to a lower level visible in an upper level, is more my question. 

Say I have a 2x storey house and the walls continue to the upper level? 

So I understand you like to see the wall in FL floor only, is it right?

So make it linked to FL & ROOF floors keeping home story to FL,

change Show on floor plan to home story only and adjust the wall base to extend below the FL floor by +0.60 m.

AC 27 INT 4001 - AC 26 INT 5002 ( For MEP Purposes )
AMD Ryzen 7 5800H with Radeon Graphics 3.20 GHz 16.0 GB

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin


In Archicad, it is generally not recommended to create such non-Story levels as they can cause all kinds of issues like this one. I know that in Revit, one can create any number of levels and set them to be or not be a Building Story level, but Archicad is not good at handling such scenarios.

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Thank-you all for your posts.


I solved the problem. The walls were hidden under the slab. I just send the slab to the back... 

(while keeping the home storey of the walls to NGL - I can see the walls on FL)



No exactly- I wanted to have the walls home storey on NGL (Level)  and see the walls on the FL (Level). I was just puzzled why I could not do that. 

But as I posted - the Slab was in the way. 


But you are correct- your method would work also. 

Thanks for the tip.

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