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Change project zero height



 Is there an easy way to relocate the level zero in a project?

I have a renovation project, the initial project zero has been redefined as the project advances and I would like to change it with out disrupting the model.

In other words I would like to reposition the project zero to the new finished floor level. so that all dimensions, window and door markers refer to this finish floor level. I have tried using the reference levels but that has too many set backs to be practical. I do not want the other story levels to change, just the project zero to reposition 5cm higher.

Hope this is clear.

Is there an easy way to do this??





What about hotlink the whole modell into a new file with an offset of 5cm?

AC16 -> AC aktuell
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Thanks, I saw that already discussed as a solution. I might try it if I absolutely have to. But I have worked with modules before, and it would mean having to maintain across 2 project files which I really don't want to. It's complicated enough just maintaining one. As it is I'm already getting corrupted project files for this project sometimes, which refuse to open anymore, losing me work and time. 




If you don't want to use reference levels, then it is through modeling, which is simpler than it sounds:

- show all layers, all renovation statuses, 

- unlock all, make sure you've reserved all,

- Find-Select, all 3D element types, positioned on that home story; 
- elevate them -5 cm

- change that Archicad story height by -5 cm, and the story below's height by +5 cm, if it matters

- depending on whether windows have been anchored to wall base, story level, etc., you may or may not need to do an additional find-select+fix for door-windows; same thing with walls, columns, depending on their anchors.
You have a backup, so you go through this with absolutely no worries.

Thanks , that is just what I am doing right now! trying to make sure I select  everything and move it down. 


I had to play around a bit , but the way I got it to work was to first of all shorten the height of project zero story by -0.05, which brings the top stories down, and then select everything on the project zero story and elevate by -0.05, which dropped it drown to match up with the floors above again. If you dont do it this way you cannot get the stories/floors above to connect up again.


Hope this helps anyone else looking to alter the  elevation of project  zero within the project.


"In Archicad 26, during editing operations that affect the elements’ elevation (e.g. elevate, multiply with vertical displacement), you have the option to automatically re-assign those elements’ home stories accordingly."


What this means is an element that was placed on Story_1 that is moved far enough in the vertical direction can have its home story changed to Story_2. That can be particularly problematic in your drawings if the element moving is set to show on Home Story Only. There are pros & cons to applying it. Hope that clarifies.

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Thanks, you are referring to the set home story by element option? It wasn't clear to me what it ment but I guess that makes more sense. So the option is wether the elements remains anchored to it's home story or reanchors to another story if it is elevated to the the height of a different story. ? 


Yes, I was referring to the "Set Home Story by Elevation" option which you mentioned. So adjusting the storey heights shouldn't be a problem, but when you start moving the 3D Elements, then things can change Story if you allow AC to automatically reassign them. 


I have a GO that sets different 3D surface colours by story which can be useful in spotting things that have unexpectedly moved.


Backups and saving will be important to successfully making all the required adjustments. Anyone for 3D Chess... 🙈

Apple iMac macOS Sonoma / AC27UKI (most recent builds)

The GO sounds great idea, can you give a brief idea of how you use it/how it works.? I would like to set that up.

I cannot find a way to reference Stories for a GO rule...


I have only recently started exploring the power of GO, it's a great tool. 


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