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Design Option Copy/Paste


Does anyone know the procedure to copy paste a object from one plan into another, where the object was previously create in a option set. if I try to copy/paste a option object, I get the message:


Elements have been created in currently inactive design options.

As a result,these elements will be hidden until their design option are activated.


it does matter if I have the identical design option set up in the second plan, they still disappear no mater what option I click on. If a object was created on the main model -- no problem. Maybe you can't do this? Hotlinks seem to work OK, but there, you have to use the hotlink dialog to control the options of the placed hotlink?


Windows 11 - Visual Studio 2022; ArchiCAD 27

Trying to find out the simplest process as well.  Shouldn't be that hard. Currently I'm using the copy/paste/ undo / Transfer Link method.

Seams like an pop up option to paste to current design option or paste to original would speed things up a great deal.



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