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Doors only swing toward reference line


I can only place doors in a wall with them swinging toward the reference line of the wall. If I flip the door in the wall, the frame sticks out the other side.


Barry Kelly

Doors and windows have what is called a 'Reveal' offset that you can set in the info box or object settings.

This determines the position of the frame to the side of the wall you first click when placing a door or window.

This is the 'reveal' side and you will see a little sun icon as you place the door/window.


So this first click determines the position of the opening and then you click to nominate the direction the opening goes to.

This is not so important for windows, but with doors it is the direction the door swings.

As well as the door swing direction, it actually determines the 'To Zone' and 'From Zone' data if you use zones and schedule that information.


None of this is automated and has nothing to do with the wall reference line.


Flipping the door after you place it will not affect the side the reveal is on.

Treat the reveal as your door or window sill on the outside.


So when you place a door or window, you determine the geometry (left, right or centre placement).

Then click on the 'outside' of the wall - the side you want the reveal (sill) on.

And then you click to determine in which direction the door swings (inside/outside, left/right).

This also affects the opening direction for a window (i.e. opening side on the left or right).




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Still in the wall or not? See this post if your door is no longer in your wall when you flip it.




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