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Hotlink Update Error - AC14

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I have a Hotlink Issue:
The Base File Contains an Existing Residence and the Mesh for the Site and Hardscapes.

A separate Pln file contains a Detached 2-story Garage/living addition.

The Garage addition was Hotlinked into the site with Modules for the 2nd story, 1st story & Foundation. All seemed to Link okay until I also hotlinked the Site mesh from the "Base file" into the Garage PLN.

Now I get the Error as seen in attached image.

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Here is the Base File back when the Modules were updating without error.

I attempted to break the Base file Site hotlink form the Garage Pln file, but once it is saved the link "heals".

I really do not want to Break the Site mesh link, but I suppose I could just copy the Site Mesh and Hardscapes into the Garage PLN file, but I would rather not.
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I saved the Garage PLN under a new name (Garage_test) and re-assigned the Hotlinks in the Base file to the Garage_test pln. All seems to be fine.

Now to try and re-link it back to the Garage PLN.

Okay now it is working, Even though I attempted many times to Relink the PLN, it seems to have needed to actually be linked to a new file first then re-linked. It does not make sense but for now anyway it is work as I would expect it.
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