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How do you copy curved geometry?

Blue Amber


I'm working with a lot of curved morphs in this project and I'm struggling to copy the geometry/curve of the morph. For example, I would like to copy and offset this morph (photo attached) to create a kickboard because I'm making a kitchen counter. However, I can only vaguely trace around the morph to try to replicate the same curve but it's not accurate and takes way too long. In Rhinoceros, it would be much easier - I would Make2D the extrusion, offset the curves made from the Make2D and then ExtrudeCurve to make the kickboard. Does anyone know how to do a similar thing in ArchiCAD?

Thank you in advance!


Barry Kelly

No photo attached.

Just take a screen shot, copy to the clipboard and paste directly into the text of your message.

Alternatively you can save the screen shot as an image file (jpg or similar) and drag the file into the text.

That way it will embed in the message as an image everyone can see.


If you place in the 'Drag & Drop' box below where you write the message it will attach but just a a link that has to be opened manually.



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Blue Amber


Here is the picture: (sorry about that) 

As you can see, the geometry is quite complex so when I tried to just trace it with the slab tool (polygonal method) it just looked very wonky.

Thank you, just added the screenshot (in the response to my original post)


Hello @Blue Amber,


Do you already use magic wand ?

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I hadn't used it but I just tried it out and it was exactly what I was looking for, thank you so much for your help!

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