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How to flip / mirror the reference line on Complex Profile using a Beam Tool

I cannot find a way to flip the reference line when drawing a Complex Profile using a Beam Tool. This function is available on the WALL tool and I don't see why it is not included with Beams.

Before anyone suggest that I use a WALL instead ... I tend to use a beam tool to draw gutters, barges, cornices, skirtings among many other things as they don't tend to clash with the wall reference line as much (yes I realise I can also control the reference line clash with layer priority number). Beams can also slope which is a big bonus.

One work around I use is to draw the beam > mirror it in plan > ALT+Click to pick up parameters > Start Drawing a mirrored profile - it can be done so why no option?

Does anyone know of a more practical way to achieve this or know of a good reason why it is not an available function? Thanks.
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One of the many inconsistencies in ArchiCAD...

Beams are oriented based on which way you draw them, clockwise or anti-clockwise, the Reference Line Direction. In the Complex Profile Editor the right side is the "outside". When placed, this will be on the right side of the direction you are drawing. So, at current, you need to try and get into the habit of drawing beams anti-clockwise...

Inside and outside for a Wall on the other hand is independent of the Reference Line Direction.

Following on from that, there is a setting to Invert Wall Direction, which I see as completely pointless for walls and needed for beams...

I did not know about mirroring a segment in plan then picking attributes from that... That does indicate that the Reference Line Location parameter is there...


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Thanks Lingwisyer. You're correct with your comment but only until you mess with the settings a little.

If I observed correctly the instance I mirror the profile in my model and ALT+CLICK it to get it's parameters, the NEW default is now switched and you would have to draw your beams in the opposite direction until you revert it again.

It's like there is a parameter in the background that we can edit using mirror command but it is not available anywhere to toggle in settings.
ArchiCAD 10 - 25 | Windows 10
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