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Multiple Issues


1) When Archicad crashes* and you reopen, when you choose the autosave file and open, Archicad CLOSES THE PROGRAM AND REOPENS A NEW ITERATION ALL OVER AGAIN. How do you stop this? Just open the file as normal, I don't need the program to load twice.


(*Current major issue being AC25 Crashing as soon as you try and move a trace reference - seriously it's only been out 15months to fix this...)


2) How do you get rid of the Action Center tab? I do not care what useless information it needs to tell me everytime I open a file. It is never something I need to know and just takes up screen space for tabs I actually need.


3) How do I stop selecting things through a trace reference? If I have something like an exploded polyline drawing as a reference beneath my floor plans, Archicad keeps trying to select the polylines rather than the elements I want to draw/move/etc on my current plan. Let's say I want to select a wall, Archicad instead will often give me the error message 'The element is inactive in this view' thinking I am trying to select the trace reference lines.


Thanks for your help!


Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

1) I would suggest that you contact your local reseller with this problem. They will help or forward it to GS HQ as needed.

2) and 3) Unfortunately, there is no way to turn these features off at the moment. If this is important to you, I suggest that you create wishes for them (separate wishes would be preferred).

If you do make wish(es), please post their links in this thread.

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Karl Ottenstein

Welcome to the Community.  Beyond what Laszlo suggests ... please post a single issue in a thread so that you can give a Subject that is specific to the issue.   The subject "Multiple Issues" doesn't convey anything to someone browsing or searching the forums.


Your post should have been three separate posts/threads as the three items are completely unrelated to one another.  Please think about that for next time. Issues 2 and 3 already have threads concerning them (basically people with the same wish/frustration).   Actually, I remember some posts about your issue 1 and that it was solved with an update.  Since you do not tell us what version/build of Archicad you are using, or your operating system, there isn't much anyone here can say to help with issue 1 anyway.


There actually is some useful info in the Action Center that can help you avoid problems.  If it isn't of interest, just ignore it.


For the issue with the Trace Reference ... just checking that you do know how to use the Tab key along with optionally magnetic selection to select exactly what you wish to select?


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