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New ArchiCAD 17 video tutorial plus coaching session video

Eric Bobrow
ArchiCAD 17 is very powerful, but it can be confusing when you first try to work with the new interface and the new Building Materials introduced in this version.

To help you out, I just created a new 32 minute video tutorial that will teach you the most important things you need to know about the new Building Materials to enable you to get the best results:

ArchiCAD Tutorial | How to Use AC17 New Building Materials for Clean Sections and Detailed 3D Models

Graphisoft has convincing demonstrations that show how the sections clean up "automatically".

However, if you assume this cleanup is going to happen when you model in the same way you always have, you may be disappointed.

There are some special tricks and settings that make this work the way it's intended.

Watch this video to learn how to get control over this powerful set of tools.


In my ArchiCAD Coaching Program (part of the Best Practices Course) we have 3 live webinar sessions each month in which I answer member questions about how to use ArchiCAD effectively. Members may even send in project files for me to review, or open up and troubleshoot during the call.

During these calls, questions can run the gamut from the basics to very intricate modeling or documentation challenges. It's always fun to see what comes up. Often we start on what seems like a simple question, then explore that topic deeper as follow-up questions are typed into the chat box by other members who have related challenges or experiences to share.

One call each month focuses on a specific topic (rather than being wide open), such as Detail Drawings, Renderings and Presentations, Interactive Schedules, Renovations and Remodels, etc.

I'd like to share with you the recording of last week's two hour ArchiCAD Coaching Call on Introduction to ArchiCAD 17 New Features:

This was a particularly interesting session, with some members calling it one of the best Coaching Calls ever. If you're starting to use ArchiCAD 17, you can't afford to miss out on the information I went over during this session.

Normally these calls are only available to members of my Best Practices Course, however I have decided to open this up on ArchiCAD-Talk as a special gift.

NOTE: I can only keep this video open for a short time, so be sure to watch it this coming week.

Eric Bobrow
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Rick Thompson
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