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Open AC 26 file in AC 20


Hi, I worked on a solo project using the trial version of Archicad 26. Can I work on the same file on a computer that has an educational licence with Archicad 20 (it's an old Macbook 10.11 El Capitan so I can't install a newer version on it)? When I try, it doesn't seem to be able to open the pln. file. I can't seem to do a SaveAs to any older versions either.


Should this be an issue or can anyone advise?


In Archicad 26 You have to backsave it to Archicad 25, Then open that new save file up in AC25, and backsave that file to 24...etc, You have to do each version in Order All the way back until AC20 (AC26->AC25->AC24->AC23->AC22->AC21->AC20).


Be mindful that any new improved tools will not come through in previous versions (Casework was changed in AC25 for example.


AC24 / AC26

I believe projects made in a Trial can only be used if you purchase the full version of the Trial you were using. There is also the fact that your AC20 EDU licence is no longer valid so you would not be able to use it anyway. Do remember that once you work on a project in a EDU it will be watermarked as EDU.




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