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Opening Tool openings - inconsistent copy behaviour / marquee issues

Hello Beta Testers,


Openings made with "Opening tool" are not behaving as they should be:


1. When you making copy of WALL with opening placed in it - openings are not being copied, but when you delete WALL where opening is deleted. I think openings should be connected with their parent objects same way windows/doors are connected with walls. In picture below diagonal openings are made in left wall, their were not copied to right side if tou not selecting all of them individually.



2. While using BALD MARQUE tool with "All floors" option selected Marquee tool not catching openings in other floors, because of this issues as such occurs:



1. I want to Reserve/Release Openings in certain plan area in several floors. It only Reserves openings that are in same floor plan You are - All Floors for opening tools are ignored.



2. I want to make hotlink module file with "Marque tool: All floors" and "Save Selection as Hotlink module". Hotlink module have only openings that are placed in same floor plan you are all openings in other floors are ignored.

2A. Function I use:


2B. How saving objects looks like in Source file with diagonal openings:





3C. Result - How object was saved in *.mod file without openings:


As I understand openings made with "Opening tool" are ignored from selection with "Marque tool: All floors" in other floors. For me it looks like a bug that need to be fixed.

As our company is long time user (+10 years) of Archicad and providing valuable bugs and feedback related to AC can Graphisoft give our company 20% discounts for our Archicad subscriptions, because we need to spend time documenting and posting such bugs. Thanks You 🙂

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