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Project with a slope terrain and with roughly 30 buildings with different story Settings



I just started a project on which I have to design approximately 30 buildings on it. Thing is, the terrain has a slope and the buildings on it are different and don't have the same story settings. Even if they did have the same story settings, the variation of the terrain means that, for example, Ground store of the building in the lowest part of the terrain will not match nor appear as the one on the upper part of the terrain.  How do I fix this? Is there a concrete way of solving this. I looked up some help and some suggest using hotlinks but I'm not sure I understand the process very well and it seems like it is a lengthy and a complicated process, especially when you want to make changes on certain buildings.

So, my two problems are:

a) Having buildings on the same file with different story settings and

b) making sure that the "x" floor will appear on all the buildings taking into consideration the slopery terrain.


I would greatly appreciate any help or a concrete way of dealing with this problem.



Rajesh Patil

Do let me know few more things like

1) Are all the buildings carry similar designs or they do vary?

2) This drawing which you generating is for just presentation or on site execution purpose?

As there ae various possibilities depending what exactly you are looking for at present as end product. You can use modules but then have to be careful about story levels, can convert the prototype building into GDL Object but do have some pros n cons of that too. As i have worked on the site which carries almost 23meter drop where I have to place almost 20-25 various buildings,  I can guide you for sure but have to understand your need in better manner.


Rajesh Patil
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You'd like to have 30 different ground floor plans on site on one drawing, as in 2D?

Or would you like to have all 30 different buildings in one 3D model? Or both?

If it's an all in one layout drawing (which would be a humongous paper size) you can do that by using a master project file, where you would join saved plan views of different building models in other project files.

If you'd like to have different buildings on different elevations I would suggest hotlinking each different story module into one master project file. The first option would work in this case as well.

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Barry Kelly

Because of the way the floor plan cutting plane works (it is all one level), you will never be able to have just one model show the same storey for all buildings if they are at different level, let alone different storey settings.


I would model each building in a separate file.

That way you can have what ever storey settings you want for each file.


Then have a master site file where you hotlink each of the models in - you have the option now of ignoring storey settings.

So 3D model wise, you will have an overall model.

This still does not solve the plan view for the same storey across the entire site.

So set up a site layout that links in the storey (plan) views (drawings) from the individual models.

Place them as you need, crop, rotate, join then together to form the site plan that you want.



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1. Overall design of the buildings is relatively similar but not necesserily. The bottom part of the terrain consists of buildings with "almost the same design", but they do slightly vary in size between each other due to the plot they're located on (bigger plot of land-bigger dimensions/fulfilling allowed construction coefficient). The upper part of the terrain consists of primarily 6-story tall buildings. (Terrain and overall project seems quite similar from the picture you shared)

2. Ideally, I want to generate drawings for execution purposes, basically having all the necessary informartion that a drawing needs. 

To re-emphasize, I want to know if there's a way to show the same Story across the whole project on all the buildings simultaneously, for example, I want the ground floor of the building in the most upper part of the terrain to be visible while the building on the lowest part of the terrain to also show the ground floor, then same for the next story and so on. So basically just clicking on a story level and have all the buildings show up that story and not have the stories mixed up due to the terrain. 
 If there's not a way to do this, I would appreciate knowing how you would approach this  project since you seem to have had the experience on dealing with this situation. Any tips on how to deal with, or maybe just sharing the process you dealt with the project you shared in the picture above would be helpful.


Thank you for the response

p.s sorry for my english and the fact that I may have not put the point across on an understandable way for you digest.