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Railing view above current story

Chris Pooley



I am trying to make the railing show like the stairs, as in, display differently above the break mark, I want lighter lines and no fill (as per the stairs in my picture).


In the rail selection settings I have set the "Relevant_Bottom Story" to "below break mark: Hidden" - this is almost what I am after, but the hidden line is supposed to be a solid grey line as per my settings - but in my case the part over the break line is invisible, not showing at all (it is not the display order).


If anyone can get me on track, I would greatly appreciate it.


Thank you



Operating system used: Windows 10




Railing settings.JPG


Railing settings_bottom story_ Below Break Mark Hidden.JPG


Railing settings_line types.JPG


ArchiCAD 25
Windows 10

Setup info provided by author