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Rotated bricks/panels within curtain wall?


Hi there,

I have made a hit-and-miss brick screen with the curtain wall tool, I was wondering if anyone knows a workflow which could rotate the bricks to allow for angled view lines rather than perpendicular to the wall. Reference image attached although I'm not trying to get too complex and I'd be happy if I can rotate everything to the same angle (I imagine to create a parametrically controlled wall with varying rotations I would do it via grasshopper which is overkill for now).


Many thanks for any insight.




I made a param-o object for this:





You could do this with a curtain wall but the stones will be cut:



Draw a roof, save it as a panel: Library and objects/save selection as/curtainwall panel (dutch version)




Phenomenal! Thankyou @cuba for exploring that.


Is there any chance your GSM file can be exported to work with AC25? I haven't upgraded to the latest version yet unfortunately. Would love to learn more about using Paramo which seems like a great tool.


I didn't have much success with using the roof plane as a rotated element. Is the theory that the angle of the roof then translates to the angle of the brick via a perpendicular plane?


Hello Plvt


You can import the param-o file attached to this message.

Import the file with the param-o manager: File/library and objects/import/Param-o manager.


About the curtain wall: the inclination of the roof represents the angel of the brick.  Only problem is the bricks are cut perpendicular to the curtain wall and not to the stones.  It is possible to set de witdh and length of the panels/bricks


Param-o is very usefull for this.  I made in a square contourbox which makes it possible to stretch (it is very cpu intensive in 3d window. better to set the scale on groundfloorplan)


Wau Nice job. How did you record this in Archicad ?

I know that in Rhino you can export like sequence / frames and do it like GIF

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Thankyou @cuba that's fantastic. I need to open up the spacing between each stone to be able to look through the "miss" sections, but it looks like it's all feasible by adjusting your script and turning off the union function.


Much appreciated, I definitely need to explore this further. 


@PLVT  Just let me know if you need any help.


@Vojtech Slavik This was recorded with giphy (gif recorder) while a was changing parameters in de param-o.   It is also possible make an animate with the "Current Frame Number" as a Global Value. You'll have to make a Fly-through with different camera's (not possible in the axo view)

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