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Showing lines on multiple floors setting


Hi everyone!

Please explain this to me this like you would like 5 years old to understand. I work in Arch 26.


I am working on several floor home and doing elevations manually - Yes, manually (I don't use the elevations through archicad because of little options cabinetry/sink setting and I need to show everything precisely and I don't have time to model every piece). So basically my elevations looks like picture below for each room (now it's just walls). I am trying to figure out way that these elevations from -1 floor would show in different floors as well and I can work on them on that floor instead switching between floors.  I am aware I can show several items on different floors this and that but can't find setting for this. Otherwise I have to copy paste between floors which is time wasting for me.  




PS: I know this looks like I came from Autocad the way I do elevations -but I did not and  in my opinion Autocad is my worst enemy and I never wanted to ended up doing elevations exactly like this. But I truly did not find better way to do elevations in archicad where I can have control over details  I need to show in drawings. Also once I am done with archicad I put all into Google Slides which I am not giving up for millions of reasons (one possibility to add links into specifications, collaboration between clients us and my team on the presentation etc) so I have to printscreen each elevation and then put it into slides, instead of doing traditional layout in archicad because pdf can't be imported and edited into slides, and jpeg that google slides would take, the quality in archicad is horrifying. ( I heard archicad works on it but also that it is not easy task).


Anyway I little bit slided from my original post... anyone know how to show these drawings in multiple floors please? 😄 

Screenshot 2023-02-26 at 9.02.42 AM.png
MacBook Pro, Sonoma: 2.6 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i7, Intel 16GB mem,
Archicad Solo 26 and 27 (in testing mode)

1. Your screen shot shows individual interior elevations.

2. I use sections to show section of whole building to illustrate interior details.  This will give you view of several floor levels together as you seem to be asking for.

3.  You can also use interior elevation key to show all interiors of one room together.


I have many issues with ArchiCad and you will also as you learn but try to think positive.

There may be many ways to accomplish the same objective.  Good luck.

Yes I explained how I work and why it’s ok fooor and  my question was how to show the lines on second floor…. Not second floor elevation. And I also explained why I don’t do details like you. Thank you for your feedback though.

MacBook Pro, Sonoma: 2.6 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i7, Intel 16GB mem,
Archicad Solo 26 and 27 (in testing mode)

Basicaly Lines are 2D Element in ArchiCad and they don't have options to show on over stories.

The only way to see them on other story without copy them is to use the "Trace and Compare". 

You can set the story with your Elevations as "Trace reference" and have it superimpose with any over story. You can quickly switch between the active view and the trace.

Trace et comparaison.jpg

ArchiCad 3.43 to 26
MacOS Monterey

Thanks, I do use trace.

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