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Slab preview getting clipped while intersecting


I was doing a modeling. It is a 3-floor building. I drew a slab. The beam and the slab are the same material. But the corner of the sab has a visual clipping. Its affecting only the slab. I tried to make it in both plan and 3d. issue persists. When the material is changed, it has no issue. Coping a slab from the bottom floor to up is also functioning. but drawing a new slab is not. Did not find any element away from the origin also. tried to open in a different system. same issue. From below if I look up, its not clipping, but from top it is. 

any idea!!


Operating system used: Windows 11


item getting clipped.png


item getting clipped2.png


Barry Kelly

Turn all of your layers on and see if there is another element trimming the slab away - I bet there is.

Changing the slab material to a stronger one will stop the trimming from occurring with the hidden element with now weaker material than the slab.

That is why the hole disappears when you change the slabs material.



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Tried that as well. There are no other elements hidden and the material is same as the beam and column just like the elements in the other floors. No difference. Issue is while creating this slab. This is happening for the first time in like last 7 -8 years. Seemed strange.


Setup info provided by author