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Snap to both geometry and construction grid?


Is it possible to enable simultaneous snapping to regular geometry and construction grid or snap grid?

ArchiCAD 25

Windows 10
Eduardo Rolon

If you are referring to snapping to geometry that does not align to the construction grid the answer is no.

In the sample below if grid snap is on you will not be able to snap to any object.



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another Moderator

Yes, this is just what I meant, and I expected such an answer but wanted to make sure I'm not missing something.

It's a bit of a shame though, it would be useful.

But thanks anyway! I may post it as a wish one day.

ArchiCAD 25

Windows 10

Fortunately you can set up a keyboard shortcut to toggle between snap modes, which I am guessing you are aware of.

Just noting it so everyone is aware.


SHIFT+S I believe is the default shortcut, you could even change it to just S (or something else).


Myself, I always have the co-ordinates palette active for this and other options, so it is just a quick button swap.








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Thanks Barry but that wouldn't help me anyway, cause I actually needed to snap to intersections between the grid and geometry. I guess I'd have to draw my own grid with actual lines but I eventually managed to go around the problem 🙂

ArchiCAD 25

Windows 10
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