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Solid body mesh has zero volume

R Muller
Help! I need to know the volume of a mesh, and even though it is defined as a solid body mesh it has zero volume. I have 8 other meshes in this model, and they all have volumes, but this one does not. The system is treating it as a surface only mesh. I suspect the problem is that I had the bottom elevation of the mesh too high when I originally created it.

I have tried lowering the bottom of mesh elevation, copying and pasting, saving it as a module and opening it in a separate instance of ArchiCAD, and nothing does any good.

I guess I will have to re-create it, since I need to know the volume by this afternoon. This will take several hours, because there are many points on the boundary of the mesh that must have elevations set individually so it will match the adjoining meshes. Aargh!!

Is this a known bug? Does anyone have a work-around?
R Muller
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