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I have maybe an old question, still i'd like to know whether it exists in archicad.

Can i change the default setting for gdl objects, walls, stairs etx, in that way which 2D lines, hatching, height, and other parameters will be specific type and colour as i set them like a template.

The result i wish to gain is: a click to draw a wall, and it will have 2,8 meters hight with 120mm width and had circuit in black lines ( not like standart 3015 mm 640 mm and gray color circuit).

Barry Kelly
This is exactly what the "Favourites" are for.
Make the changes wanted to you element/object and then with that element/object selected you can then save the default settings as a favourite.
The next time you want those exact settings you invoke them from the favourites palette.

Note: these favaourites will be useful only in the PLN file you currently have open (they will save with the file).
If you need them in tanother file you can save the favourites from the original file and then load them into your new file.
Of course if you set them up in a template file then there is no need to load them if you base your new jobs off the template.

Look up favourites in the Help documentation - they are pretty well explained there.


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