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Stories - Loft Modeling


hello - curious if some use AC to model homes with a loft, sometimes referred to as a dormer in our region? i am still trying to get a better understanding of "stories" in general. i recently had a 1st flr., 2nd. flr. and roof set as stories with various ht. elevations. with this setup i was experimenting with 2nd flr. and roof stories to place elements. i had to really be mindful of the projection settings to the point it was a pain for me to keep track without having to continuously modify elements in 3d. i decided to get rid of the roof story and use the 2nd flr. to place the dormer and roof elements. is this the most efficient method to use AC or is it more practical to have a roof story regardless and mess with the elevation or projection settings.


Operating system used: Mac Intel-based Sonoma 14.4.1

Archicad 27 (3001 USA Full Intel Based MAC)
Sonoma 14.4.1
Barry Kelly

I think some people like to have a 'roof' storey so they can do a roof plan.

Me, I just use layers.

I have a storey for each floor and then layers ceiling plans or roof plans.


Some will even have a 'sub-foor' or 'foundation' storey or a 'site' storey.

Again I just use layers and turn them on/off as necessary.


It all really depends on how you are happy working.


For dormer walls that come down to floor level, they will show on the loft storey.

If they are little dormers perched on top of the roof,then if those walls are set to projected with overhead, you can show them as dashed lines on the loft storey.

Or you could maybe create a second floor plan view of the loft storey, and adjust the Floor Plan Cutting Plane height so it passes through the dormers.




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thanks for the insight Barry on your workflow!

Archicad 27 (3001 USA Full Intel Based MAC)
Sonoma 14.4.1

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