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To AC stair and rail or to not AC stair and rail!!!

So i wrote a pretty sweet poly stair and railing objects some time ago, but stopped working on them as Graphisoft released their stairs and railing tool around the same time i got mine working nicely.


I am tempted to go back to it as there are some limitations that the ac stair has when it comes to proper framing in real world conditions (i only do residential work), at least in my experience.


I really like the railing tool since it can link its nodes but sometimes i spend a lot of time on simple stairs. and i have a very good understanding of how it works.


basically im asking if i should make my stairs my priority object for updating? 


they are free and currenly i think i have them coded for V16

they dont have as many options as AC stairs but with some minor coding i could make them a little more robust.


the downside, railing wont link to my stairs.... yet.



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